"Tamu is outstanding! She has been my reflexologist and massage therapist for the over 5 years. This is what keeps me in balance. When the stress of being an educator takes hold, she brings me back to sanity of the body, mind and soul. Check her out. Cheers!" Kris Tuerk, Kutztown 

(As published in the Summer issue of Reflexology Association of America magazine)
Early in 2016 I met Tamu and I was impressed with her skill set.  I have had two surgeries on my right foot ending up with joint fusion.  I was anxious to get back to my prior activity level. I was going to physical therapy but I wanted to explore alternatives. I have had four reflexology sessions with Tamu and I notice a huge difference in my overall wellbeing.   

I explained to Tamu the problems I had with my foot in the past and she tailored my treatment accordingly.  I wasn’t sure what to think after my first session. Tamu is incredibly strong.  I left feeling skeptical, but I decided to schedule a second session.  The next day I could feel a difference.  I felt well rested and a definite decrease in foot pain.  After 4 sessions with Tamu I am pain free and I feel great.  I plan to schedule regular maintenance sessions. I highly recommend Tamu to my friends and encourage them to try Reflexology.

"Tamu is a great reflexologist. I have been receiving reflexology for 8 years now from Tamu and don't bother to get body massages anymore.. reflexology is fantastic and if you never had it before it is worth it to give it a try. Tamu is the best..She really puts effort into her work and applies good pressure to the nerve endings in the feet..and she truly cares about her customers." Ron, Topton  

 "the full body massage that had me "floating". haven't been that relaxed since I was a babe in my mother's arms." Ben, Chicago 

 " My reflexology was fantastic. I prefer "deep therapy" and Tamu was terrific with that." Anne, Ottsville

 "I enjoyed your vibration; easy to be with and tuned in." Kim, Ottsville

 "You are very good, this session was better than other reflexology sessions that I've had." Darlene, Macungie

 "After my last session I walked three miles and had no knee or foot pain afterwards for the first time!" Linda, Kutztown

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