Thursday, July 21, 2016

Private Meditation Class

This class is custom tailored for you!

The Private Meditation Instructions/Coaching Sessions is a Six Week Course in Mindfulness/Awareness based Meditation where we focus on:

  • Proper Breathing/Breathwork
  • Basic Meditation Postures
  • Body Attentiveness
  • Emotional Attentiveness
  • Thought Attentiveness
  • Mind Attentiveness
  • Daily Practice Development

Each session/lesson builds upon the previous. There is also the option to have personal energy meditations built into your personalized curriculum.

Your needs are addressed in each session and how to find your spiritual footing in meditation and what works best for you. Included in this private training will be guided meditations custom tailored for you. Recorded for your personal use.

Meditation is a life long practice and we are all students and continue to grow and dig deeper into your practice. I assist you in the basic beginning and from there you can soar in what ever direction you prefer.

Each session will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Sessions can be in office, at your location** (please email for more information, or via video chat** (distance learning -please email).

Ongoing email support for the duration of the six weeks.

for more info: